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Welcome to my Website!

Be my guest. Come in and make yourself at home . My home has several ‘rooms’. At the top of the page you’ll find tabs like ‘Rap Shop’ and ‘My Star Guest’. Under the tab marked Davenport Stories Readers (DS Readers), you’ll find information on my self-published school readers, so far seven titles, for grades 7 – 10.

Of course, with the abundance of school readers on the market today, you might well ask the question

Why choose a Davenport Stories reader?

My writing, ahem, has received international recognition with praise for its well-crafted dialog (in American English) and keen insight into the thinking and feeling of the characters.

My overall theme is teenagers in crisis situations and how they deal with those crises.


  • Current Topics: DS stories deal with current topics like violence in schools, cyber bullying and sexting

  • Nature: In DS stories The Great Outdoors is more than merely background

  • Dramatization: Many Activities call for converting scenes into dramatic form, highly motivating with (most) students

  • Friendship: Sometimes built on rock, sometimes on sand, friendship among teens isn’t always what it seems

  • Positivity: Many of the main characters in DS readers are positive people, optimistic, believing in themselves and refusing to give in even in the face of seemingly overwhelming obstacles
  • Multi-cultural: DS stories reflect the melting pot that is the U.S.A., presenting a ‘colorful’ array of characters, including (besides ‘white’ Americans) Afro-Americans, Latin Americans and Native Americans

SPECIAL OFFER: DS Paket (all 7 DS titles) for your school library free with the order of a class set (minimum 20)       

SAME-DAY DELIVERY: Orders placed before 2pm are sent out on the same day!                 


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